What People Are Saying....

"Taking my anxiety-filled my first step of contacting Debbie was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. She will guide you through whatever emotional journey you are on with insight, solid education, patience and a bit of humor to boot. My brain has never felt better. What a relief!"


"Working with Debbie has totally shifted my perspective in so many ways. She has opened up a whole new way of daily life for me- one that feels genuinely good, light, and free. ---Just like those organization shows on Netflix, Debbie is like the professional organizer of your mind. She helped me turn a spotlight on to pinpoint things that haven't been working well and to clear out the clutter to make space for things that are actually useful. ---I have so many new tools in my toolbox to help me feel better NOW, in the moment, instead of hoping that something within me changes in some indefinite amount of time. I have utilized talk therapy over the course of 10+ years, and while I still do use and love that resource, sessions with Debbie have created immediate, actionable results. ---I highly recommend her services for anyone who is interested in letting go of beliefs or ways of living that don't align with the life they want for themselves. RRT and working with Debbie has truly changed my life."


"Rapid Resolution Therapy with Debbie has absolutely lived up to its name. I have been able to work through some deeply troubling issues in a very short span of time; making more progress in a few weeks than I made with a more traditional therapist in two years. I encourage anyone to give this a try. I truly believe that you will not be disappointed. Debbie has honestly changed and saved my life." 


"In only a few sessions, it feels like my brain has been defragged. I've been working for many years, with and without a therapist to address my childhood chaos. Debbie's sessions have been so helpful. In only a few sessions (I keep saying that because I am amazed how quickly it works and how it changes and expands over the days & weeks after) I found myself using visualization techniques I learned in session to calm an emotion. And, it wasn't that I decided to think of it and calm down, but the thought popped in and I was able to settle myself from there."

~Tandy C

"After a lifetime of struggling with anxiety and panic attacks, I was so relieved to find Debbie. I never thought that I could walk through life without anxiety and she has helped me live in the moment. I couldn't speak more highly of RRT. It has been life changing."

~Sarah D.

"I am so grateful & thankful that I came to Debbie. She is amazing. Her technique is extremely helpful. I have been to other therapists in the past, but her Rapid Resolution treatment has helped me to progress much faster than anticipated. It truly works and is as amazing as she is."


"I was stuggling with emotional pain for years and after my first session with Debbie and RRT, I felt an amazing 'lift' from sadness. I am now in such a better place in all phases of my life. And, those around me notice a big difference-Don't wait to get help!"


"RRT helped me focus a healing energy on issues that were haunting me all my adult life. It was a relaxing, nonthreatening way to look at experiences that, on a conscious & unconscious level, did not go away with a mere traditional therapeutic approach. "


"RRT has been a life changer for me. I was so overcome with emotion that my mind was very cloudy and overwhelmed. I feel RRT took the emotion out of my thoughts and made them more clear. I have a light heart and clear mind."

~Happy Heart

"When I first started therapy I was apprehensive. I never heard of RRT so it was challenging to understand. As I began therapy, I noticed it was changing my life and my outlook on life. I have been a prisoner of my thoughts for so many years. I didnt't realize my own self worth. Each time I came to therapy, I noticed a change in my attitude and just over all well being. I began to love myself for the first time. With that, finally experiencing a happiness I could have never imagined. No one can understand how it feels to have a weight lifted off my chest and shoulders unless you truly experience it. With Debbie and her techniques, I have found happiness within myself which truly saved my life."

~Former Client

"As a first responder to 9/11 I had developed a serious anxiety problem. After years of therapy with little help I reached out to Debbie and RRT. My experience with therapy has helped in such a way that I now can function again. It has taught me to challenge my way of thinking about Past, Present, and Future. Please, if you want to get better, I would recommend this therapy for you. Don't live like I did for so many years."

~Keith, Retired NYPD Officer

"Amazing! I'm not quite sure how it works but it's worked for me! Only 3-4 sessions and my endless, repetitive, thoughts & feelings related to a traumatic event are a thing of the past! Several years of traditional therapy was unable to make much difference. RRT has reached a different place in me. I am so thankful I found Debbie! She is a master of her craft!"


"RRT was a new approach for me & I was skeptical of short-term therapy applied to PTSD & sexual trauma. I am so happy & relieved, however, that it has been the most effective method in my journey to healing. The difference between RRT and other therapies I've tried is the 'resolution' aspect. It's not that the impact of my issues have been lessened, but that the issues themselves have been completely resolved & are no longer there. RRT is worth taking the chance to explore." 


"I am a combat vet who lived with the trauma of war for over eight years.Debbie's sessions helped to eliminate the negative effects from my trauma. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I can breathe fresh air again and see a bright future for me and my family."

~S.C.  US Marine Corps

"Rapid Resolution Therapy has helped me to improve my mental health in a very short period of time. I have recently experienced several traumatic incidents in my life. This therapy has gotten me through these tragedies and made it possible for me to move forward and enjoy my life. Thanks!"

~Rob C.

"Rapid Resolution Therapy was an amazing eye opening experience. I have been through many years of therapy and in just 3 sessions I felt more clarity of thought then in all my regular traditional therapy sessions."

~Ryan T

"Rapid Resolution is great. I would recommend it to everyone. Debbie helped me to see and understand the importance of a healthy mind and body. I am very grateful for all of her teaching and understanding. Live, love, and laugh with an open mind and heart." 


"On the first visit, Debbie asked me to be open to Rapid Resolution Therapy. I agreed and since then, have had an easier time dealing with life situations. I felt comfortable talking with her and applying the ideas we discussed. My life is happier and I'm able to better control my emotions in my daily life." 


"Debbie is just an amazing person as she is a therapist. She truly cares about the patients concerning total healthcare, not just the original issue. Debbie helped me through some very emotional thoughts and memories. With Debbie's guidance, I feel normal again which I never thought I would."