I work with individuals 18 and over. I will consider providing RRT for younger clients (12-17 years of age) if they want to come in and there is a specific issue to address.

RRT can be effective for:

PTSD*Anxiety*Panic Attacks*Grief Anger*Guilt*Resentment*Depression 

Addiction*Stress*Sleep Issues and More...


It takes great courage and strength to ask for help. After taking that first step, it's important to have a sense of comfort and ease with the therapist you will be working with. 

I have a solid foundation as an experienced therapist in treating those with PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, and emotional stuckness. I welcome diversity into my practice. 

In my experiences in working in a variety of settings and populations including: middle school, residential treatment center, community mental health, and the VA system. I found that I was able to help, but not fully heal those suffering in pain. That is, until I learned about brain based approaches.

Almost 30 years in the field and the most profound and transformational approach that I have found to actually  stop troubling thoughts, clear disturbing emotions, and shift behaviors has been Rapid Resolution Therapy® (RRT). I have emmersed myself in learning this life changing modality. 

As such, I am now part of a small but passionate group of practitioners that are Certified RRT Specialists®. To learn more about RRT, please click on the link. Better yet, make an appointment and experience it for yourself!